Voices & Visions is a full-service video production company specializing
in videos for private equity and related investment entities.

In business for over two decades, V&V also works with organizations and corporations across a broad
spectrum of industries, producing videos for investor relations, marketing, sales, HR, and other uses. Headquartered in Los Angeles with a satellite office in Dallas, Texas, V&V videotapes on location
around the world.


    REDI Legal Discovery Software

    The sales team for Ricoh's legal discovery software wanted a tool to explain its benefits. This visually attractive, original and bespoke kinetic typography
    video makes the interface readily comprehensible.

    Texas Teacher Retirement System

    A Great Value for All Texans

    TRS pensions benefit members as well as the
    economy of the state of Texas where retirees
    spend money, and it is important for the public
    to understand.

    The Riverside Company

    Uinta Craft Brewery

    The story of Uinta and The Riverside Company's
    plans to help this portfolio company grow was a great addition to Riverside's annual investor conference.

    Transport Management


    Transporeon designs transport management
    software. Explaining their value proposition in
    multiple languages, business is spreading
    throughout Europe.


    Software Company

    V&V had little b-roll to work with in showcasing the video story of the successful sale of the software company SERENA by its private equity owners HGGC, so we created many motion graphics to provide energy and in-depth information.



    Cool way to do a testimonial video -- in animation!


    Drishtibeats is a Vinyasa flow yoga experience
    with live music performed and taught by musicians
    at events, festivals, clubs, and special occasions.

    The Riverside Company

    Sale of Portfolio Company: Video News Release

    When private equity firm The Riverside Company
    sold the athletic waterwear brand Arena, the press
    release included a video announcement.

    California Indian Cuisine

    Trailer for Cooking Show

    Got a good idea for a cooking show or reality
    TV series? Trailers are the first step, and their
    quality plays an important role in attracting
    the interest of potential partners.


  • Pre-Production

    Research project, subject and background; manage expectations; pre-interviewing; storyboarding; scriptwriting; preparation
    of interview questions; organization of crew and equipment as needed for each shoot and budget

  • Field Production

    Working on location globally. Producing, directing, filming, interviewing, lighting, audio, and auxiliary services

  • Post-Production

    Transcriptions, translations, script finalization, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, digitization of materials, editing, music (original, licensed or rights-free), special effects, voiceovers, color correction, audio sweetening, final production in any format needed

  • Other Services

    Commercial photography, graphic design, animation